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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are you located?

Anywhere you need us! While we do have a Headquarters location in Orlando, one of the biggest benefits of choosing Brokeit is that we come to you.

Shouldn’t I just buy a new device?

Most of the time, a repair is more cost effective than replacing a whole device. Many service providers will roll the cost of your device into your monthly bill, so while you may only be paying about $25 a month, the total cost of the device is often $600-$1000.

How much will my device cost to fix?

The cost to fix a device depends on a few things. The parts that need to be replaced, the cost of the parts, and how much labor is involved in the installation. If you’d like to get a repair quote, just make sure you know your device model and send us an email at Support@brokeit.com detailing what’s wrong. Or, you can call us at (833) 276-5348.

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